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beena banerjee sexy

Saturday, August 8, 2009 ·

beena banerjee sexy

Ok, I am quite taken a back, I had 3 visitors coming in all searching for "beena banerjee sexy", I am assuming they were interested in the post that I had made a few days back called beena banerjee sexy video...

What really surprises me more is that hindi film actress Beena Banerjee is generally know to play more of character roles and she is most remembered as Aamir's aunt in QSQT or mother of Bobby Deol etc so how exactly did the term sexy get associated with Beena Banerjee?

Not, too difficult to understand actually, a couple of searches in google with keywords like beena banerjee in bikini and swimsuit & beena banerjee hot videos and I knew exactly what was happening. Apparently in her early days when she was younger of course Beena Banerjee did quite a few Horror films, remember the Ramsay Brother horror genre....yep quite of few of those bollywood movies. I guess she was young, starting out so thought these would be a good push to get to mainstream anyway...

Now, if you have ever seen these Ramsay Brother movies (and believe me there are die hard fans for these movies) you can expect all kinds of wild stuff in them. They generally don't make sense to me but apparently they are something of cult thing. So, our dear Beena Banerjee was quite a hot thing in her youth and did everything possible to get into mainstream bollywood movies and this is where these beena banerjee hot scenes come from.

I also got somebody who was searching for 'beena banerjee marathi hot movies' but I am really not sure if she has done any marathi movies at all. I have already done a post putting up a few lovely pictures of her when she was young (She was really pretty!) you can check them out here Beena Banerjee hot pics... and here are some of these wild pictures of Beena Banerjee from the horror genre. eNJOY

beena banerjee sexy beena banerjee sexy
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