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Divya Parameshwar Hot Pictures, Photos & More

Saturday, April 24, 2010 ·

Divya Parameshwar Hot Pictures, Photos & More

Here are some really interesting Divya Parameshwar Hot Pictures that I have come across while surfing at various forums.

For regular readers of MrMirchMasala this post will not read as unusual as it may sound to new readers who have just started coming. So for the benefit of all I will just summarise the whole affair that has happened so far.

But, first a lovely Divya Parameshwar Hot photo

Divya Parameshwar Hot

Now, it all started with this hell of a sexy Kalamandir Sarees print Advertisement…As you can see in the in this sensuous pic we can only see the model’s back profile as her face is hidden…nevertheless she looks simply amazing.


Divya Parameshwar Hot


This one image sparked the curiosity of many with regards the identity of this amazing lady with one of the curviest backside. Turns out, it is supposedly a model named ‘Divya Parameshwar’. Unfortunately, this cannot b confirmed as there is very little information on the model ‘Divya Parameshwar’ floating around on the internet. Any searches related to ‘divya parameshwar biography’ or ‘divya parameshwar wiki’ or ‘divya parameshwar profile” for that matter turn out nothing relevant to go by.

Time for some more Divya Parameshwar Hot Pictures…


Divya Parameshwar Hot Pictures
Divya Parameshwar Hot Pictures


Now, some more searches on phrases like ‘divya parameshwar ads’ and ‘divya parameshwar pics’ only added 2 the confusion as some places mention her as ‘divya parameshwar miss india’, this information again cud not b verified.

So finally we are left with not much of choice but simply accept this as a mystery that continues 2 haunt MrMirchMasala as we try 2 gather more information on ‘divya parameshwar wallpapers’ and ‘divya parameshwar model’ itself

But, thankfully we have these lovely Divya Parameshwar Hot Photos to eNJOY until we learn more about this wonderful lady.


Divya Parameshwar Hot Photos
Divya Parameshwar Hot Photos


Until, next time, cheers!

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