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kareena kapoor news - is happy to have her butt back!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 ·

kareena kapoor news - is happy to have her butt back!

kareena kapoor news - is happy to have her butt back!Actor Kareena Kapoor is breathing a sigh of relief these days. She has got her butt back! The girl who once made it to the headlines for her size zero figure, is now happy to be full... like any Indian woman should be, and her man, Nawab Saif Ali Khan is also a happy man. “It’s not like I indulge in any and every kind of food and give my workouts a miss, just because some people think I need to put on weight,” says actor Kareena Kapoor, “My programme is planned. The diet is very much on and so are my workouts.”
Her dietician Rujuta Diwekar, reveals the secret of Bebo’s butt, “Kareena Kapoor hasn’t put on unhealthy weight, nor is she on a weight gain programme. Yes, I’ve altered her diet, but the alteration has got to do more with the change in season, and the change in her schedule. She is consuming her carb-protein-fats in the right ratio. Earlier she was traveling a bit too much, had a hectic life, was out on vacations or then shooting... these days she’s back home and more relaxed. When she’s in Mumbai, it becomes easier for her to stick to her diet plan and of course exercise regularly. I guess her getting her butt back has more to do with her regular workouts than anything else.”
Rujuta goes on to say that her hi-profile client is still bikini friendly, even with her current figure. “Kareena is at her glam-best, and she is so dedicated that she’ll be bikini friendly 24x7. That’s how one’s body should be actually. She’s never going to be afraid to show off her body, because she’s in great shape and will always be, as long as she puts herself and her health before everything else.”

source: http://movies.indiatimes.com

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