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that's a very sexy looking Mrinal Kulkarni...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 ·

that's a very sexy looking Mrinal Kulkarni...

she's usually saree clad but is looking quite good here, and incase you are wondering who she is then here's some info on her thanks to wiki:

Mrinal Dev-Kulkarni is a popular marathi actress. She was only 16 when she made her debut on television as the Peshwa Queen Ramabai in Swami. At that time, this self-confessed bookworm was content to pursue her MA in Linguistics and continue with a PhD. But then came Shrikant, a serial based on Saratchandra Chatterjee's novel, and several meaty roles like those in The Great Maratha, Draupadi, Hasratein, Meera, Teacher, Draupadi, Sparsh or Sonpari, which she just couldn't refuse. Before she realised it, Mrinal Kulkarni had taken up acting full time. Today, her author-backed role in Avantika on Alpha Marathi has made her a household name.

She is the granddaughter of the legendary Marathi writer and author, Shri G N (appa) Dandekar. Her mother is daughter of Go. Ni Dandekar. Her father Mr. Dev is Deshastha Bhramin native of Shirur near Pune, he was former Principal of S.P College.

She is now working in Solah singar and Raja ki aayegi baraat and in Raja Shiva Chattrapati as Rajmata Jija Bai.

that's a very sexy looking Mrinal Kulkarni... Sponsored Links

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