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Amisha Patel - Red Dress - With Boyfriend...

Thursday, March 26, 2009 ·

Amisha Patel - Red Dress - With Boyfriend...

I know that you have probably seen this a zillion times, but you will be surprised to know that people are still talking about this and dearest Amisha Patel. Some of the comments I am gathering are that She's become desperate for attention now hence the revealing dress in public. A few people think she's completely lost it and she should just gracefully retire, I also read somewhere that she is contesting elections on an NCP seat.

Interesting thoughts there, but I would like to ask you if Amisha were to ask you she should do next, what would you tell her?

Amisha Patel - Red Dress - With Boyfriend...
Amisha Patel - Red Dress - With Boyfriend...
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